The Passing of Hearts–Chapter One

“Never say never” was a phrase that throughout the last two years entered my self-consciousness at the most oddest and random moments. That drive out to the lake now seems like a diminishing memory but it is one that I do not wish to let go of.

I met him in passing on a Monday afternoon while on my lunch break. We struck up conversation while we waited the arrival of our lunch orders. He complimented me on my smile, and I on his. “So, do you have a favorite dish to this place?” he asked. “I do, I really enjoy the Lamb Chop salad with goat cheese.” “In that case, maybe I should change my order because a girl like you seems like she knows what she likes.” I can honestly say I had never engaged in such playful banter with someone as much as I had that afternoon. There was something that kept me interested, there was something captivating and explosive about him. “What other items on the menu do you indulge in from time to time?” “Is it safe to assume that you like to dance?” he stated softly as he came closer to me. My body began to quiver and my palms welcomed this sudoric feeling, a feeling I had not felt in such a long time. “Everything from this Deli is palatable, it is a great place to try different cheeses.” “Did I hear correctly, did you state different cheeses?” in a facetious yet inquisitive demeanor. “Yes, the owners are really good friends of mine from my time living in Luxembourg City and they love experimenting with mixtures of texture, taste and color. I recommend the University of Michigan muenster cheese, it is a bleu cheese blend hence the name University of Michigan.” A disarray gaze appeared but his alluring smile made his gaze seem so worthwhile. Our conversation about the many types of cheeses that could be found there lasted for almost twenty minutes, twenty minutes which in translation seemed like a lifetime. He showed great interest in our conversation which was in itself a quality I was not accustomed to.

“Well, I really have enjoyed my afternoon giving you a one on one on world cheese, but I must retreat back to my office.” I told him. “Say, would it not be nice if we met here say on Thursday around Noon?” he politely asked. “I do not think that would be a great idea, seeing as I just recently ended a very turbulent relationship and speaking candidly I am just not ready to enter the dating scene.” I responded. “It does not have to be a date; everyone has to eat. See you Thursday”he said. I chuckled as I grabbed my takeout bag and walked around him to exit the Deli. It was a thirteen block walk back to the office and the entire time all I could think about was his smile. I was drawn to it. Honestly, I wanted so much more of it. I called my best friend, Catalena and exhausted the last breath I had within me telling her all about him. She laughed and said in her customary exclamatory voice she has “Girl, you have been bit.” I knew what Catalena had meant but I was not going to subject myself to what was her truth. I needed more time, I needed to be alone. I needed solitude. I needed to seek out what Christopher McCandless wanted as told in the story by Jon Krakauer in Into the Wild.



A Vampire’s Release (Fin)

The crackling of the wood burning from outside paraded itself into my living room. I was forever frozen from the moment his iced lips made contact with my warm, sun kissed flesh. I was in agony. The piercing pain traveled down my warped ageless spine. I could feel it jackknifing from side to side within my uterine cavity. I wanted the moment to speed through as a car on an autobahn.

The gush of pink toned flesh and liquid gushed from between my legs. It began its descent from the nourishing sac it floated in for thirty-eight weeks and four days down the ridged flesh tunnel of my body.

He was born.

His blue lifeless body was placed on my chest. I was told “He just needs his mother’s warmth”. I cocooned his body within my fatty flesh. The sound of life never emerged.

I have had life taken from me, yet again.


A Vampire’s Release (part deux)

I awoke in a clammy state. I sat up and cupped both hands against my stomach as if securing what was growing inside. I walked slowly to my shower due to a soreness surrounding my knee and calf. Upon entering my restroom I looked down and saw many areas with dried blood on both my thighs and legs. I make my way inside my porcelain white tub and sit on the green IKEA alligator shaped tub mat. The water hits me with such strength as if lying at the bottom of Niagara Falls. I allow all my fears to wash away with the freshly watered blood spots. I rejoice in knowing I am safe within the walls of my home.
As I look in the mirror, I see the bite mark; a clear remembrance of the night before. Unable to erase it from memory, I accept my fate and begin to wonder how will I explain the growing belly to my family and friends. Who will believe in the fact the child growing within me is only half human?

I put on a loose turquoise and gold bohemian styled blouse and make my way over to the grocery store. I have been unsure if the cravings for medium rare steaks are due to my pregnancy or if the unborn has started to communicate with me. While trying to multi task in pushing the cart and strategically hiding my rounded stomach, I am approached by one of the elders in the town. “My darling, you must be careful in roaming the town streets during daylight in your condition” she said. I am beyond shocked as to her knowing. “Ms. Cordelia, I am not sure to what you’re inferring too?” I replied. “Child, I have visioned you with his child for many, many centuries. You were born to bring life to his child” she stated.

In that instance, I felt movement.


A Vampire’s Release

I picked myself up and dusted off my jeans. The blood beginning to soak through random areas where the knife met the brown flesh which covers me. I could hear him walking behind me with his newly welcomed limp I had bestowed upon him. “I will not hurt you” he said. The beating of my heart going one hundred miles per beat could be heard across the swamp basin. I enlisted the help of the courage within me to walk faster to the road. The streams of blood making their way down my blanched face. My cries became louder. My fear became massive. The darkness of the swamp makes it harder for me to see what lies ahead of me. I hold myself up against every other tree of the Atchafalaya Swamp. The trees hovering over me like protectors of the swamp. The taste of metallic in my mouth causes me to spit out the blood that has accumulated from the second punch to my face. The drops of blood appearing faster than I can wipe off. I continue on this treacherous journey. Soon I see a light. “I will not hurt you, let me make you mine.” echoed through the trees. I run faster towards the light, tripping on roots of trees and swampy sediment. I smell the gravel nearing. As I prepare to take my final step, I am caught up in his arms. He holds me from behind and as he nears his mouth to my neck he places his hands on my abdomen and gently states I will let you free “but if anyone asks, tell them we’re fine.” He takes his final bite from my neck and releases me.