Daily Quote: Maya Angelou

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Author’s Note:

Seeing as I have recently tested the waters of online dating and not really having much luck with it…I seem to struggle with this quote. I did meet someone from the site and we went out a few times and hung out at each other’s homes a few times, it now seems that it has begun to fizzle out. I have given so much courage into trusting love again and again. When will it cease?

Am I ready to lose all hope in love? I am not wishing for my heart to become bitter and close it off forever but at what cost do I keep telling my heart to keep having courage.

How much heartbreak can a human soul suffer in one lifetime?

I shall have courage again…



Daily Quote


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Author’s Note:

Take the chance to live.

Live life to the fullest capacity you are able too.

Fall in love even if it does not lead to forever.

Release your heart and allow it to feel pain.

A heart’s pain is our key at knowing we are still on this earth and still enjoying the life we are blessed with.


Daily Quote: Word on Images


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Author’s Note:

This August will be sixteen years that my first true love broke me beyond what I thought was repairable. I was heartbroken, at the same time I had broken him. We were both broken beyond repair. All these years later…I find myself missing him. I miss the memories we shared, the memories only WE have been able to create the memories that can never be forgotten. I miss the way he surprised me for our first Valentine’s Day with a massive balloon bouquet, so large that they would not fit in the school bus.  I miss the passion of our love and the spontaneity of our teenage lust.  I miss the walking hand in hand down the neighborhood streets. I miss the moment we found out we were pregnant. I miss the moment he saw our child move inside of me. I miss the way he would call me Valeria. I miss the way he stood by my side and held my hand while I was in agony during the birth of our daughter. I miss the moment he took me as his wife and promised me a forever.

I miss the boy he was…not the man he has become.


This year in November it will be ten years that my second marriage was mutually agreed to be dissolved. I miss the rose bouquet he had delivered for that very first Mother’s Day while we were still dating. I miss the memory of having someone lay on the sofa next to me while watching our son play on the carpet in front of us.  I miss the way we would instantly say Chinese when discussing dinner options on the days I did not feel like slaving over the stove.

I miss many things; I do not miss the MAN he was then nor now.


Daily Quote: Pablo Neruda


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Author’s Note:

I will be the first to admit that I have had my share of first kisses, last kisses, and kisses that never progressed. However; I can count exactly the number of times where a kiss revealed more than the words which had yet to be revealed. Sadly, happy and loving “words” were not always the case.

I was twelve years old and in the sixth grade. He showered me with words that translated into beauty. I had never been told I was beautiful; I had never been looked at in the way he looked at me. I was accepted as I was. For a girl at such an impressionable age…that was what I wanted and desperately needed.

Let me set the scene…

The after school bell rang and he had promised to walk me to the home where my younger siblings were being watched. We walked hand in hand and a few houses from my destination he turned to face me and pulled me into him. What an awkward experience. I had never been kissed in this way before. I felt the weirdness of his tongue enter my mouth. The way it moved around as if it were having a seizure. I felt the wetness accumulate on the edges of my lips and the warmth of it. I felt the need to join in. I placed my short, slimy, pink tongue into his and moved it around not sure if it was proper or not.

In those few minutes, that first kiss gave me everything I needed to know. I learned that I was a pasatiempo…a stand in until the next thing came around. I learned that words had double meaning like a double edged sword. In this one kiss, I learned that the movement of a man’s tongue could cut you in ways you never thought possible.

I hold onto hope that Pablo Neruda’s words of love and security are still out there belonging to the man who will come into my world and with his one kiss will show me why all the ones before him failed.


Daily Quote: Word Porn

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Image Source: Word Porn

Author’s Note: Finding soul in an individual is a hard task in life. Many men are heartless, some are empty, some are engulfed with so much self fire they do not know how to allow someone else in to share that flame. I want someone who will compliment the fire within me. I need someone who will add additional fuel to it to never allow it to burn out and I will in return do the same.


Daily Quote: Steve Maraboli

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Author’s Note: I have yet to meet someone at my young age of 38 to offer all this and more. I seek a human connection where a simple conversation can lead to passion, then love, and the rest will follow suit. I am sure it is out there and in time will be led to me.

Keep having Hope because Hope Floats.