Are teens nowadays lazy?

One day as I was perusing my timeline on a certain social media site, I stumbled across a post stating the teens of today were lazy compared to those from 20-25 years ago. The blog was geared towards a study that showed that the number of teens working had dropped almost 20% since the mid 90’s.

As a parent to a fifteen year old who has actively been searching for a part time seasonal job since the day after he turned fourteen, I found the survey on point. However, I don’t feel it is contributed to today’s teens being lazy but in the tiring mazes the teens have to go through to find employment.

See for my son, the local amusement park would have hired him at fourteen to strictly take guest pictures upon the guests entering the facilities. In addition to only this position being offered he would have only been able to work Monday through Thursday (summer time only) and no more than 10 hours a week. For us, it could have been doable seeing as we only live about 8 miles from the park. However, how beneficial would this have been for other fourteen year olds? Those teens whose parents live below the poverty line and who live further into the city the cost of gas would have exceeded what the paycheck would have been for.

Fast forward a year, my son is now fifteen. Yet again, he was out putting applications the day after his birthday. Everywhere we went were told the age of hire was sixteen. We found one local pizza parlor who was willing to hire him but my son had to have a letter from his school counselor showing he was a full time student. The letter itself was not one that would have been able to be produced as school personnel were off for the summer.

Which brought to make my personal assumption, teens of today are NOT lazy. In our state (not sure if it is city specific) even sixteen years old must produce a school counselor’s letter showing full time enrollment. Then they are limited to only being able to work 10-15 hours a week during the school year. There are some additional waivers that must be given so the teen can work a few more hours during holiday breaks and such but overall, the hardship is just a bit too much for what a paycheck would bring in.

I was a teen in the early 90’s and we weren’t bounded by so many restrictions. We were able to work during the school week sometimes I would not get done until close to midnight. We did not need letters from school counselors and we were all working at fifteen. There lies the difference from then and today.

Take all these restrictions coupled in with the fact that many adults are now taking jobs that were once “teen” jobs it is becoming more and more difficult for teens to find employment.



Is it hard for teens in your neck of the woods to find employment in the once traditional “teen” jobs?





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