Service Review: Filter Easy

Hello All,

As previously mentioned in the last post, I normally do not write reviews unless it is for or on a product that I stand by.

Today’s review will be on the service that Filter Easy. This company will deliver AC filters to your doorstep so you will never have to worry about whether you changed it or not.

As a parent to a child who suffers from Asthma it is imperative that I change the filters as scheduled. Lets face it though, we all live busy lives. Between work, sport schedules, yoga, gym visits, and other family engagements it is hard to remember to pick up a filter while at the grocery or hardware store. I have been guilty myself of letting the changing of our filters go a week due to our busy schedules.

Now with Filter Easy, it really is just that…easy. I no longer have to worry if the filters went a bit too long before being changed and my son’s health is never jeopardized. They get delivered right to my doorstep every three months on the dot. The pricing of the filters are very much comparable to store found ones and honestly, I feel they are better quality. They offer three different filter versions. LiteAllergen, MicroAllergen, and SuperAllergen filters are all manufactured in the US by AAF Flanders, the largest air filter manufacturer in the country.

  • LiteAllergen-This filter keeps the air fresh, offering higher airflow while also filtering out basics like pollen, dust, pet dander and virus carriers.
  • MicroAllergen-Our most popular grade, the MicroAllergen takes air filtration a few steps further. It offers good airflow but better filtrationthan the LiteAllergen, and it helps cleanse your home of smoke and smog in addition to filtering out the basics.
  • SuperAllergen-This is the most powerful filter in our lineup, and it’s called “Super” for a reason. It rids the air of everything our other filters do, but also filtrates lead dust, oil smoke and those pesky microscopic allergens. Airflow is good, but higher filtration automatically means a denser filter, and therefore slightly less airflow than with our other grades.

I myself use the MicroAllergen and can tell you that it filters much better than some of the pricier ones I have purchased at local stores.

Give it a try, click this link and try it today. You will get $20 towards your first order. Depending on the number of vents you have in your home, this $20 credit can get you your first order FREE. It did for me. 🙂

You can set your own schedule; monthly or every three months. You can suspend if needed and you can postpone a delivery if needed as well. This came in handy when we traveled this summer. I postponed my delivery by three weeks so it wouldn’t arrive while we were on vacation. It arrived exactly when I wanted it too, that was a plus. Plus, the packaging as seen is simple.  (the picture of the door was placed for security to hide personal info)

Also, they have the best customer service ever!!!

What do you have to lose? Take that $20 credit and get started today. If you don’t love the service as I have, you may cancel at any time.


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