Coddling or just being a Parent?

The picture below has been circulating Facebook as well as many News stations, and it got me thinking, where do we draw the line?

I am a mom of two. My daughter is twenty-one and my son is fourteen. I have parent them each the same with one or two mild differences. However, for the most part they have had me as Mom all the same.

They both had me bathe them, feed them, and help change them when they were younger. They both had me wash, fold, and put away their laundry. They both had me pick up after them.

As both got older, each in their own turn started to help around the home. My daughter started to put the laundry away. She started to pick up after herself. She started to help put dishes away. She also eased into cooking.

My son now at fourteen, helps around the house as well. Although, I still wash his laundry he helps fold and put his clothes away. He also has started to help in the kitchen. He puts dishes away, helps put the groceries up, and has started to ease into some easy cooking. He makes himself the occasional grilled cheese, eggs for breakfast, and putting a pizza in the oven.

Is this Coddling or just being a Parent??

In my honest personal opinion, I believe this is just being a parent.

I don’t think that dropping your child’s forgotten lunch at school is coddling. I don’t believe this will help them learn problem solving. I ,for one will not allow my child to go hungry, no matter the reasoning behind his lunch being forgotten.

Now in terms of his school work and/or books, yes, those items can wait until the next day.

What are your opinions? Where do you as a parent stand on this?




2 thoughts on “Coddling or just being a Parent?

  1. Homeschooling2e says:

    Man, this is such a hard one because it really depends on the kid. My 5 yo is special needs, so I’m more lenient. My neurotypical children, I’ll probably be more harsh, but lunch is still a no-go. I would bring them lunch, just like I would bring lunch to my husband if he happened to forget it. Heck, friends even. Now, if the kid expects you to clean up their problems then that’s a different situation, like ducking homework for playing games.

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    • Valerie says:

      I agree. I will never allow my child to go without eating. Sometimes, my daughter will text me on Saturday’s when she works 12 hour shifts and will ask for me to take her lunch. Depending on my finances, I will. Most of time, she will only ask because of her own finances and sometimes it is because she has eaten everything in her lunch bag.

      I will and do draw the line with schoolwork. If he forgets it then he can ask to turn it in late for deduction of points.


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