The Passing of Hearts–Chapter One

“Never say never” was a phrase that throughout the last two years entered my self-consciousness at the most oddest and random moments. That drive out to the lake now seems like a diminishing memory but it is one that I do not wish to let go of.

I met him in passing on a Monday afternoon while on my lunch break. We struck up conversation while we waited the arrival of our lunch orders. He complimented me on my smile, and I on his. “So, do you have a favorite dish to this place?” he asked. “I do, I really enjoy the Lamb Chop salad with goat cheese.” “In that case, maybe I should change my order because a girl like you seems like she knows what she likes.” I can honestly say I had never engaged in such playful banter with someone as much as I had that afternoon. There was something that kept me interested, there was something captivating and explosive about him. “What other items on the menu do you indulge in from time to time?” “Is it safe to assume that you like to dance?” he stated softly as he came closer to me. My body began to quiver and my palms welcomed this sudoric feeling, a feeling I had not felt in such a long time. “Everything from this Deli is palatable, it is a great place to try different cheeses.” “Did I hear correctly, did you state different cheeses?” in a facetious yet inquisitive demeanor. “Yes, the owners are really good friends of mine from my time living in Luxembourg City and they love experimenting with mixtures of texture, taste and color. I recommend the University of Michigan muenster cheese, it is a bleu cheese blend hence the name University of Michigan.” A disarray gaze appeared but his alluring smile made his gaze seem so worthwhile. Our conversation about the many types of cheeses that could be found there lasted for almost twenty minutes, twenty minutes which in translation seemed like a lifetime. He showed great interest in our conversation which was in itself a quality I was not accustomed to.

“Well, I really have enjoyed my afternoon giving you a one on one on world cheese, but I must retreat back to my office.” I told him. “Say, would it not be nice if we met here say on Thursday around Noon?” he politely asked. “I do not think that would be a great idea, seeing as I just recently ended a very turbulent relationship and speaking candidly I am just not ready to enter the dating scene.” I responded. “It does not have to be a date; everyone has to eat. See you Thursday”he said. I chuckled as I grabbed my takeout bag and walked around him to exit the Deli. It was a thirteen block walk back to the office and the entire time all I could think about was his smile. I was drawn to it. Honestly, I wanted so much more of it. I called my best friend, Catalena and exhausted the last breath I had within me telling her all about him. She laughed and said in her customary exclamatory voice she has “Girl, you have been bit.” I knew what Catalena had meant but I was not going to subject myself to what was her truth. I needed more time, I needed to be alone. I needed solitude. I needed to seek out what Christopher McCandless wanted as told in the story by Jon Krakauer in Into the Wild.



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