A Vampire’s Release (Fin)

The crackling of the wood burning from outside paraded itself into my living room. I was forever frozen from the moment his iced lips made contact with my warm, sun kissed flesh. I was in agony. The piercing pain traveled down my warped ageless spine. I could feel it jackknifing from side to side within my uterine cavity. I wanted the moment to speed through as a car on an autobahn.

The gush of pink toned flesh and liquid gushed from between my legs. It began its descent from the nourishing sac it floated in for thirty-eight weeks and four days down the ridged flesh tunnel of my body.

He was born.

His blue lifeless body was placed on my chest. I was told “He just needs his mother’s warmth”. I cocooned his body within my fatty flesh. The sound of life never emerged.

I have had life taken from me, yet again.



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