A Vampire’s Release (part deux)

I awoke in a clammy state. I sat up and cupped both hands against my stomach as if securing what was growing inside. I walked slowly to my shower due to a soreness surrounding my knee and calf. Upon entering my restroom I looked down and saw many areas with dried blood on both my thighs and legs. I make my way inside my porcelain white tub and sit on the green IKEA alligator shaped tub mat. The water hits me with such strength as if lying at the bottom of Niagara Falls. I allow all my fears to wash away with the freshly watered blood spots. I rejoice in knowing I am safe within the walls of my home.
As I look in the mirror, I see the bite mark; a clear remembrance of the night before. Unable to erase it from memory, I accept my fate and begin to wonder how will I explain the growing belly to my family and friends. Who will believe in the fact the child growing within me is only half human?

I put on a loose turquoise and gold bohemian styled blouse and make my way over to the grocery store. I have been unsure if the cravings for medium rare steaks are due to my pregnancy or if the unborn has started to communicate with me. While trying to multi task in pushing the cart and strategically hiding my rounded stomach, I am approached by one of the elders in the town. “My darling, you must be careful in roaming the town streets during daylight in your condition” she said. I am beyond shocked as to her knowing. “Ms. Cordelia, I am not sure to what you’re inferring too?” I replied. “Child, I have visioned you with his child for many, many centuries. You were born to bring life to his child” she stated.

In that instance, I felt movement.



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