Worth more than Seconds

Saturday night I received a call from that certain someone from my past. It had almost been a month since I last had heard from him. He felt betrayed as he worded it because I had started to date someone else. I was at a loss for words, I was merely trying to get on with my life. Although mi corazón has never stopped loving him, I knew within me that I could not keep waiting until he decided enough was enough in his unhappy marriage.

Enough was enough for me. Siempre voy a quiere este hombre but it was time for me to finally make my heart whole. I may never fall in love again but I owe it to my heart to have the opportunity.

I know this man loves me, he will always love me but I refuse to be anyone’s seconds.

I am worth being someone’s first, being their first text message, their last phone call of the night. I am worth having their unconditional love…I am worth so much more than what he can give me and for that I know I MUST move on.


The online dating world has been a fail. The “man” I went out with for a little bit was just an attention hungry little boy.


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