Daily Quote: Maya Angelou

tumblr_n7otbhC5sp1qlccb8o1_1280 (2)

Image Source: whitepaperquotes

Author’s Note:

Seeing as I have recently tested the waters of online dating and not really having much luck with it…I seem to struggle with this quote. I did meet someone from the site and we went out a few times and hung out at each other’s homes a few times, it now seems that it has begun to fizzle out. I have given so much courage into trusting love again and again. When will it cease?

Am I ready to lose all hope in love? I am not wishing for my heart to become bitter and close it off forever but at what cost do I keep telling my heart to keep having courage.

How much heartbreak can a human soul suffer in one lifetime?

I shall have courage again…



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