A Heart’s Journey–Chapter 2


So how could now, a year and a half later had she allowed herself to question whether being in Prague was the right thing to do? She had the city of Prague and all its grand opportunities ahead of her and yet, here she was wishing she would have kept one foot back home. I held her in my arms as to what felt to her as the longest journey of her life. I wiped the never ending stream of tears that trickled down her face and dried them off with my New Kids on the Block t-shirt. Twelve hours and the scant remnants of what were tears later we arrived safely to our destination. Our circle of friends was anxious to step off the train that in the commotion of it all Liza was left behind. As we stood along the train platform and waived bye to Liza our beloved Madelyne was ready to enjoy life in Prague.

There we were eleven fifteen year olds running through the city center of Prague as if we had no care in the world. We took copious amounts of “cheerleader stance” pictures in front of Hlavani Nadrazi the main train station. The sunset was nearing as our stomachs began to give us a clear reminder of what we had kept placing on the backburner…hunger. We marched in to the nearest food quarter we could find, a quaint diner two blocks from the train station. The group began to empty out their pockets, their coin purses, while the guys in our group emptied out their shoes. We were more than friends we were family, so we combined our money into one big pile and we treated ourselves to the most superb dinner any of us had ever had. It was here in this diner where pieces of sunshine began to resonate from her beautiful smile. Night drew on us and after five or six liters of beer we concluded life in Prague would not be complete without visiting the most popular underground club around. We embarked on the journey of about eight street blocks and stood outside a dilapidated, gray, cement structure. Through those wooden rustic doors was the gateway to Roxy. The music play continuously for what seemed like an eternity. We worked leg muscles we never knew existed. Our arms had never swayed amongst the air the way they had that night. We danced and danced and hours later as it was time to leave we encountered the most serene rainstorm ever. It was majestically beautiful. The lights along the plaza and the scattered rain splattered along the greenery allowed it to be the most perfect Kodak moment. It was one of the most exiting nights we had all encountered in which we all agreed Spring Break of 92 was by far the coolest.

We made our way to the nearest hostel and pitched camp for the night as tomorrow was another day. The Prague sunrise served as our notice of the new day. We woke to the patting of rugs outside our window. As we got dressed the compilation of songs played along the brick paved street ways. We toured and enjoyed the various shops and restaurants in the Old Towne area. Our vacation was nearing the end, so we had all decided to turn in early that evening. As she approached the door of our room we came across a note and it read “Please my love, allow me the opportunity and meet me in Wenceslas Square at sunset.” I saw her caramel colored eyes light up in front of me! She looked beautiful in her Levis and her Phil Collins t-shirt as she walked out from the hostel. I could see her walking from the window and with the sunset drawing down on her beautiful golden olive skin and her brownish, reddish hair I knew her heart was at peace.

We all knew this was her romantic moment, but in some weird way we all wanted to be a part of it. We made our way down the hostel steps and through the front door. We quietly hid behind a bench park where a series of shrubs met with a fountain which had lost the spark of beauty as it did not have the water flowing from it. Yet, we were near enough to hear every word they exchanged. She looked amazing as she stood in front of him. He reached out to meet her hands as he handed her the most beautiful bouquet of sunflowers, lilacs, and lavender. The sunset had set and the local music groups had begun to play and they danced. The smell of the ancient city was in the air as was the sweet smell of lilac and lavender coming from her bouquet. They had gone from two souls to one.

The faintness of a song could be heard where we stood as he lifted her into his arms and twirled her around. He gently placed her feet back on earth after feeling heaven from under her. The swift movement of her hair from her face to behind her ears was followed by the gentlest kiss. They walked back hand in hand to the hostel and before she entered the room he pulled her into him and told her “I love you.” She had gone so long to hear those words that at that moment she knew that despite any negatives against them what they had was true. Their love lasted as long as it was meant too however; to them it was the beginning of the greatest friendship either one of them would ever create.


**chapter two**

Image Source: freecodesource.com


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