Reflejos de Mí

I am weak
Soy Fuerte
I have been knocked down
I have been “uplifted”
I have seen myself negro y azul
I have seen myself distorted
He visto mi piel sangrar
I am scarred
I am damaged
I have seen myself looking in strongly wishing I was looking out
I have felt life dentro de mi
I have had life taken from me
I have seen my flesh go from white to brown
He sonreído
I most definitely have llorardo
I have found my inner-self
Only to have lost “her” several times along the way
I have lost loved ones
Only to gain new ones
I have felt my heart stop
Only to feel it beat ten times stronger
This is me; this is my footprint in life
I am visible for ALL to see
One day, I will be visible in that mirror called Life
Un Dia, I will be visible to MYSELF

Reposted in response to the Daily Post: Unleashing Your Dickinson

Originally posted on November 22, 2014

**Author’s Note** It had been years since I had taken pen to paper to write a work of Poetry. I sat at my desk one evening back in November and the words began to flow and I was not able to contain them. Reflections of Myself was composed.


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