Propuesta Indecente (Indecent Proposal)

Si te diego que solamente busco una noche, would you say yes? I am not wanting a forever, we tried that and failed. Of course, I am not saying it may never happen and if it did it would fail again. We have grown, somos diferente. We are no longer teenagers in love but adults swimming in the ocean of our endless passion for one another. I am looking for in the moment. I want to feel your warmth tonight into the sunrise hours.

Cuando te digo I crave your watering mouth against mine, don’t be a cobarde and say I am getting close and you need to protect yourself. Por favor…what man would not want to feel the watering lips of a woman? Especially una mujer that you have this undeniable pasión with. I have been all your labels…novia, wife, lover, y tu “otra.” Are you blind to see what we have is something para la eternidad?

Somewhere all those years ago, you found an opening into my heart and mi alma. All these years later you still hold permanent residence there. Say what you will…protect yourself, protect me because you care but you know damn well the place you belong is within me/dentro de mí/next to me.

Nuestra pasión has never died y it never will…so live for the moment. Take me into your arms and let us experience our passion for each other one indecent night until the next.


The Daily Post: Slash and Burn 


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