La Perdida (The lost One)

Do we mujeres tend to look into something a bit too much? I last saw him Saturday morning. We hung out for an hour or so and talked. We mentioned how we had missed each other and so forth. Is it wrong for me to think that maybe something has “happened” with us because I have not seen or heard from him since?

Am I looking too much into it? I feel perdida. How hard is it to send a text message? What is a few seconds in composing one and sending it just so the other person can know that they still mean something. Me siento usada…is he playing a game with me? Is this is all for sh**s and giggles?

I was perfectly bien with being “alone” before he came in and ruffled my feathers. Ahora, I can’t seem to stop thinking of him. I hate that feeling! I hate the feeling of “needing” someone…but honestly I’m jonesing for him. Es mi droga! Lo necesito!

I want to hear his voice, feel his arms around me, see his eyes looking at me…really looking at me.

Que me paso? Este hombre…he knows how to keep me on my toes. As much as I want to send him a text and tell him “Chinga tu Madre…I don’t need you nor want you.”

But I can’t…I will continue to stare at my phone until hopefully, I see his name re-appear again.



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