The smile that appears when I see his name on my iPhone

I wouldn’t quite call my smile a stupid one but one of pleasantry. I crave the moment when I see his name appear on my iPhone. My soul awakens. His euphonic voice brings me such pleasure. It is my ecstasy. The phone rang a little past 10:30 last night. I was lying in bed caressing the pillow his scent still lingers on when I saw his name. My heart began to strike harder against my chest cavity, the sound of my heart’s thunder surely being heard miles away. I grabbed my phone with my sudoric hands and dropped it. Fear encapsulated me, I did not want the ring to stop. I didn’t want to miss his call because our time frame of talking is limited. If I missed his call there might not be a pick up on his end should I have attempted to ring him back. With my last breath in what seemed as an eternity I grabbed my phone from the floor. “Hi, how have you been?” those words melted my insides. How can a normal greeting draw me in?

We asked each other about our day, talked about an issue a common friend was dealing with, and talked about our weekend plans. In those few minutes, I was in heaven. All I can think about was feeling his lips against mine, the taste, the intensity of our kisses. They have passion, they have a “I belong here” type of feeling. We belong to each other, maybe that is why after all these years we are pulled back into one.




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