Holding on to Love

It wasn’t as if I seeked it out or took the initial step. Yet, somewhere in the last few weeks something/someone from my past reappeared. In truth, t{he}y never truly went away. We struck up a conversation one day and from then it has been amazing. Could the possibility exist that our heart never stops loving the one person who our heart was born to love? He was my world many, many years ago. We shared a past, it wasn’t a perfect past nonetheless, it was our past. Our lives took many roads along the way, mine always seemed to stop in its tracks when he was near. Twenty-two years later and this man can still make my heart flutter. Seeing him arouses my senses like no other man has ever been able to do. I always wondered why my relationships never panned out with anyone, my therapist suggesting at one point of time that in order to love someone else you must let love go. For me, this simply was not possible. I am not going to lie, I have had my share of relationships, men who I thought I was in love with. Yet, how could I put forth one hundred percent when my heart was beating for someone else. My heart was his, then and now.

These last few weeks have been great. We talk when we can, we see each other when we can, and we hold each other for as long as we can. Being in his arms is “home” for me, it is where I truly believe I belong. Somewhere in his world, he must feel the same way. Throughout the years he would call and we held countless conversations all while having our normal love/hate relationship. My life is him…I will continue to hold on to love, to the love I have for him. He was the one I was born to love, the one I was to share my life with.



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