a NEW start

It is now three days into this new year and yet, I still can not grasp at the fact that we are in the year 2015. I swear, was it not only 1999 yesterday? What happened to maxi skirts, tube tops, or mocassin loafers oh wait, those are all back in fashion. I really wish I would have kept all of my clothing from back then albeit they wouldn’t have fit today but they would have looked nice in the back of my closet.

Which takes me into my next endeavor for 2015. I hope to lose a few more inches, no longer will I cut my wrists for those damning numbers on a scale. I just want to steer away from getting the not so glorious family tradition of diabetes. I wish for my son and myself to be healthy. I hope to complete a few more 5k’s, I would participate in one every month if I could but a majority of them are outrageous in price. My son mentioned that we could just aim at jogging/walking what is equivalent to three miles every month on our own FREE of charge. I love this boy…so smart he is. So the quest for a great application to track our miles is on the forefront.

Another great quest of mine for this upcoming year is to GO GREEN in our home. Due to the copious amounts of “green” cleaning pins on Pinterst, I have found myself on Google for awesome online stores to purchase a few essentials oils at a significant price drop than what was found in local stores. Hopefully, I can find a couple if not then the local Sprouts or Central Market will do.

I also hope to get back into pursuing my love for photography. With this in mind, I am giving thought about doing a few random photo challenges throughout the year. I miss being behind the lens, the feeling behind capturing life moments, seeing life in a non traditional way.

I am giving room to the possibility of allowing Love into my heart. My kids are the true owners of this essential organ however, being divorced for what will be ten years this coming November I know that life must continue to go on. I have enjoyed my time alone as this has given me ample time to find who I am. It gave me time learn how to love myself and be alone. It has given me character, confidence, strength, and the ability to see life beyond the walls that are known as “today.” My kids are growing and are becoming their own individuals and their only wish is to see their Mom be enveloped with a man’s love.

So here is to a NEW start, let it be a prosperous one.



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