All things R.U.M.P.s

A few years ago, I came across a Facebook group about reusable menstrual products. At that time I had already been a menstrual cup user for almost eight years. I was first exposed to menstrual cups in the early 90’s when I moved to Europe. I used one for a while but since it was something I was not familiar with, it became hard for me to fall in love with it. So tampons and pads it was again.

Fast forward to early 2007 and I was ecstatic when I entered my local Sprouts store and saw they carried a menstrual cup. Although, the upfront cost of this cup was outrageous and way out of my budget I was happy to see a European concept here in the States. Even more so here in my town that is super conservative with a large Hispanic demographic that already stresses to the young Hispanic girls that tampons are “sin.” I drove home like a child who had just gotten a new toy. I was anxious for my cycle to arrive that month.

The upfront cost of the cup washes out the monthly cost of disposables. Most menstrual cups if taken care of properly will last up to ten years. Yes, you read that right. Ten Years!! A menstrual cup can cost you roughly between $20-$40 USD. This is a one time upfront cost. Now calculate your savings. For me personally, I was spending anywhere between $10-$15 USD a month for tampons and pads. Take that times the number of months in a year, equals $120-$180. That equates to $1200 for ten years. That is a savings of a minimum of $1000.

My cup would have lasted the ten years if it had not been for me falling asleep while I was sterilizing it and it ended up boiling to death.

The previous cup that was boiled to death wasn’t really suitable for my body but it was the only one that was on the market ten years ago. So when I was on the hunt to purchase a new cup, I saw there were lots of different menstrual cup companies now. I was happy for that because they each had designed their cups for the different bodies out there. Some are made for women with low cervix, some for women with high cervix, and most have a selection of capacity size for regular cycles and for heavy cycles.

My next cup was a brand new up and up-coming USA based company. I purchased this cup through Amazon at an unbelievable low price and with Prime 2 day shipping, it was a deal I could not pass up. This new cup arrived right on time. I was day two of my cycle and I was in love. This cup was much gentler inside of my body, but again it was not my goldilocks cup. Due to its capacity, I was emptying it every 2 hours. I needed a cup with a capacity to get me at minimum 3-4 hours since I knew that my cycle would never allow me the opportunity to go the full 12 hours that some women may have.

Last month, I took the plunge and purchased another cup. I purchased the Lena Cup. Still a great cup but due to firmness and the “bell” shape it did not work for me.

I scored an Organicup through the Danish company give-away and WOW it was perfect. The fit was an identical match to my body. However, the capacity of the cup since the size A was sent to me it can’t keep up with the level of my cycle fluid capacity. I was told by some women in a Facebook group to try the Finnish brand Lunette. The firmness is very similar to the Organicup but the capacity of their size B of 30 ml beats the 20 ml of the Organicup. Some women may think a 10 ml difference does not make a difference but for me it does. The Lunette is my goldilocks cup the first several days of my cycle and the Organicup is my goldilocks cup the last few days of my cycle. I did have a few women ask why not just order the Organicup size B which is as well a 30 ml capacity cup. For me, I am sure my body would welcome it with open arms but I am one who loves to share the love per se.

Now, onto part two of reusable menstrual products, cloth pads.

Even though, I was a cup user I would rest my body of having something internal and wore pads at night. When I came across that Facebook page and saw women talking about cloth pads, I sort of thought to myself no way. I already wash laundry too often and I am not about to take on more washing.

But when I was diagnosed with PCOS and was found to have over 30 fibroids living rent free in my uterus, I knew it was time to stop using conventional disposable pads. I did research and found many of these pads are slathered with chemicals. They all have special chemicals to wick away the liquid and women have this up against an open body organ. By this time, I had already started to remove chemicals from our home. We stopped using hair and body products that contained SLS, Parabens, and Phthalates. We stopped using conventional deodorant and had switched out our dental products to oils and clays. So why not, stop using disposable pads.

Enter the world of cloth pads. Now, being a few cycles in using cloth pads, I think to myself as to why I waited so long. Yes, it takes a bit of “care” in the sense of extra laundry but I am happy with it. I am happy at the continued savings cost and extremely happy that I no longer have harmful chemicals near “her”.

If you want to enter the world of cloth pads, try reaching out to my Top 5 sellers! Let them know I referred you. I don’t get anything in return, I just want them to continue to know that I love their products.

*not in any order*

Just Jillian’s Resuables

Clothespin Cloth

Eco-Owl by Netta 

Gemini Creations

Ember Rose Reusables





Are teens nowadays lazy?

One day as I was perusing my timeline on a certain social media site, I stumbled across a post stating the teens of today were lazy compared to those from 20-25 years ago. The blog was geared towards a study that showed that the number of teens working had dropped almost 20% since the mid 90’s.

As a parent to a fifteen year old who has actively been searching for a part time seasonal job since the day after he turned fourteen, I found the survey on point. However, I don’t feel it is contributed to today’s teens being lazy but in the tiring mazes the teens have to go through to find employment.

See for my son, the local amusement park would have hired him at fourteen to strictly take guest pictures upon the guests entering the facilities. In addition to only this position being offered he would have only been able to work Monday through Thursday (summer time only) and no more than 10 hours a week. For us, it could have been doable seeing as we only live about 8 miles from the park. However, how beneficial would this have been for other fourteen year olds? Those teens whose parents live below the poverty line and who live further into the city the cost of gas would have exceeded what the paycheck would have been for.

Fast forward a year, my son is now fifteen. Yet again, he was out putting applications the day after his birthday. Everywhere we went were told the age of hire was sixteen. We found one local pizza parlor who was willing to hire him but my son had to have a letter from his school counselor showing he was a full time student. The letter itself was not one that would have been able to be produced as school personnel were off for the summer.

Which brought to make my personal assumption, teens of today are NOT lazy. In our state (not sure if it is city specific) even sixteen years old must produce a school counselor’s letter showing full time enrollment. Then they are limited to only being able to work 10-15 hours a week during the school year. There are some additional waivers that must be given so the teen can work a few more hours during holiday breaks and such but overall, the hardship is just a bit too much for what a paycheck would bring in.

I was a teen in the early 90’s and we weren’t bounded by so many restrictions. We were able to work during the school week sometimes I would not get done until close to midnight. We did not need letters from school counselors and we were all working at fifteen. There lies the difference from then and today.

Take all these restrictions coupled in with the fact that many adults are now taking jobs that were once “teen” jobs it is becoming more and more difficult for teens to find employment.



Is it hard for teens in your neck of the woods to find employment in the once traditional “teen” jobs?




Breaking the Chains

Last night, I took a quiet stroll through the park where we had our first meet. You wanted somewhere open, somewhere where we could enjoy the weather and get to know one and another. We only had an hour yet, that hour turned into two.

We spoke about our families, education, future dreams, and so much more. I can still hear you whisper you wanted to conquer the world. I never realized that by “conquering” the world you wanted total domination over the woman you were sitting in front of.

Fifty million voices made a permanent residence in my head. I never could distinguish which one to listen too. Do I leave? Do I stay? Do I give it one more day?

That moment when every single voice in my head said it was now or never …I broke free.

As I sat in that exact spot we sat at that night, a reawakening surged through me.

-I was no longer weak

-I was no longer bruised

-I was no longer broken

-I was engulfed with a tremendous magnitude of strength

I was free

-to enjoy any flavor of ice cream

-to wear my hair down

-to live life

-to love life


-to be me…


Service Review: Filter Easy

Hello All,

As previously mentioned in the last post, I normally do not write reviews unless it is for or on a product that I stand by.

Today’s review will be on the service that Filter Easy. This company will deliver AC filters to your doorstep so you will never have to worry about whether you changed it or not.

As a parent to a child who suffers from Asthma it is imperative that I change the filters as scheduled. Lets face it though, we all live busy lives. Between work, sport schedules, yoga, gym visits, and other family engagements it is hard to remember to pick up a filter while at the grocery or hardware store. I have been guilty myself of letting the changing of our filters go a week due to our busy schedules.

Now with Filter Easy, it really is just that…easy. I no longer have to worry if the filters went a bit too long before being changed and my son’s health is never jeopardized. They get delivered right to my doorstep every three months on the dot. The pricing of the filters are very much comparable to store found ones and honestly, I feel they are better quality. They offer three different filter versions. LiteAllergen, MicroAllergen, and SuperAllergen filters are all manufactured in the US by AAF Flanders, the largest air filter manufacturer in the country.

  • LiteAllergen-This filter keeps the air fresh, offering higher airflow while also filtering out basics like pollen, dust, pet dander and virus carriers.
  • MicroAllergen-Our most popular grade, the MicroAllergen takes air filtration a few steps further. It offers good airflow but better filtrationthan the LiteAllergen, and it helps cleanse your home of smoke and smog in addition to filtering out the basics.
  • SuperAllergen-This is the most powerful filter in our lineup, and it’s called “Super” for a reason. It rids the air of everything our other filters do, but also filtrates lead dust, oil smoke and those pesky microscopic allergens. Airflow is good, but higher filtration automatically means a denser filter, and therefore slightly less airflow than with our other grades.

I myself use the MicroAllergen and can tell you that it filters much better than some of the pricier ones I have purchased at local stores.

Give it a try, click this link and try it today. You will get $20 towards your first order. Depending on the number of vents you have in your home, this $20 credit can get you your first order FREE. It did for me. 🙂

You can set your own schedule; monthly or every three months. You can suspend if needed and you can postpone a delivery if needed as well. This came in handy when we traveled this summer. I postponed my delivery by three weeks so it wouldn’t arrive while we were on vacation. It arrived exactly when I wanted it too, that was a plus. Plus, the packaging as seen is simple.  (the picture of the door was placed for security to hide personal info)

Also, they have the best customer service ever!!!

What do you have to lose? Take that $20 credit and get started today. If you don’t love the service as I have, you may cancel at any time.

Review-The Laundry Alternative “Nina Soft Dryer”

Alright folks,

I normally do not write reviews unless I absolutely love a product. This is a product I absolutely love! If you live in an apartment like I do, this item is a must for you if your place doesn’t have washer/dryer connections. It is also the item for you if you loathe having to use communal laundromats.

I wouldn’t quite say I hate laundromats (okay, yes I do) and I have been lucky in that my grandmother lives less than 10 minutes away. For almost a year and half of living in my place, every Sunday we would pack up the laundry bags and drive the 10 minutes to her place to wash clothes. It was a win-win for me since she allowed me to use her water and electricity free of charge in exchange I run her on her errands. After a while, it became overwhelming. I started to wish upon the days where I could just spend my Sundays relaxing and being a couch potato.

That wish came true.

After countless hours of research and YouTube videos I was introduced to the concepts of Portable Washers and Portable Dryers. I was blown away. I found a company that was about to give me back my Sundays.

The Laundry Alternative based out of Texas was my answer. This company was the solution for all apartment, condo, townhouse, and RV living. They bring forth a greener, energy efficient, and money saving way to wash your clothes.

When I happened upon them, I had started to wash some items by hand at home to help minimize the hours I was spending washing at my grandmothers. However, the wringing of the clothes was not friendly to my carpal tunnel infected wrists nor my ulnar nerve damaged arm. I needed something to help me wring the items out and dry them quickly since I was limited on the hours the beautiful sun was out.

In came TLA Nina’s Soft Dryer. I was a bit hesitant to purchase it because of the price but quickly realized it would pay for itself in no time. I was a bit lucky. The morning I was going to order it online, I was on good ol’Craigslist posting a futon for sell. Something possessed me to type in the words Portable Dryer and to my surprise someone was selling a Nina Soft dryer. The listing was almost two hours away from where we live but I had been promising my son we would resume our Explore Texas Day trips, so we got in the car and drove an hour and half. We picked up the Dryer and drove home. I was surprised at first by the size. I honestly was not expecting something of that grandeur. I thought it would be large enough to hold one or two items but I have been able to easily accommodate; a few t-shirts, socks, and undergarments all at one time.

I am not exaggerating when I say this spin dryer dries! 

I will run the dryer for about 3-5 minutes depending on items and will line dry them. Some of our items are fully dry in less than 20 minutes. The heavier fabrics such as jeans will take a few hours.

I also put it to the test in seeing just how much water the conventional washers spin out. I brought home a load of towels from washing at my grandmother’s and placed it in the Nina. There were maybe a total of 8 or 9 towels and the Nina was still able to extract almost 12 cups of water from them.

Take my word folks, if you live in an apartment, condo, townhouse, or RV and you are looking for a way to reduce your carbon footprint (and Money) and GO GREEN get yourself your very own Nina Soft Dryer today.

You will not be disappointed. 





Coddling or just being a Parent?

The picture below has been circulating Facebook as well as many News stations, and it got me thinking, where do we draw the line?

I am a mom of two. My daughter is twenty-one and my son is fourteen. I have parent them each the same with one or two mild differences. However, for the most part they have had me as Mom all the same.

They both had me bathe them, feed them, and help change them when they were younger. They both had me wash, fold, and put away their laundry. They both had me pick up after them.

As both got older, each in their own turn started to help around the home. My daughter started to put the laundry away. She started to pick up after herself. She started to help put dishes away. She also eased into cooking.

My son now at fourteen, helps around the house as well. Although, I still wash his laundry he helps fold and put his clothes away. He also has started to help in the kitchen. He puts dishes away, helps put the groceries up, and has started to ease into some easy cooking. He makes himself the occasional grilled cheese, eggs for breakfast, and putting a pizza in the oven.

Is this Coddling or just being a Parent??

In my honest personal opinion, I believe this is just being a parent.

I don’t think that dropping your child’s forgotten lunch at school is coddling. I don’t believe this will help them learn problem solving. I ,for one will not allow my child to go hungry, no matter the reasoning behind his lunch being forgotten.

Now in terms of his school work and/or books, yes, those items can wait until the next day.

What are your opinions? Where do you as a parent stand on this?



It can happen to any parent

Two days ago, a child’s death due to being left in the car occurred in my hometown. The child who was identified as a six month old little boy was found almost eight hours into the day. The father had accidentally left him in the car while he worked.

The Facebook perfect parent comments were one after another. Everyone was out to prosecute this father, yet, none offered any compassion. I can not even imagine the hell this father has been living since that day.

I am here to say… it can happen to any parent. 

The father at hand was not the usual morning caretaker of the child. He had never driven and dropped his son off at daycare. According to the mother of the child, the child was asleep in his car seat in the back seat when he drove off that morning.

I will be the first to admit, I had my share of forgetful moments as a parent, hell I still do. My children were exactly seven years apart, so when my second child came along I was already at the parenting stage where I could just get up and go. In the early months of my young one’s life at home, there way plenty of moments where I would forget the diaper bag at home, or forget to even place diapers in the diaper bag, I even at times forgot to add extra items of clothing in case of an accident. You would have thought this was my first go about at being a parent.

When my sister had her first child four years ago, I was blessed with taking care of her for the first few months after my sister returned to work. By now, my youngest was ten years old and I had re-acclimated to the get up and go routine. It was a bit challenging, I was also by this time used to enjoying my sleep. I loved watching my niece. She sort of helped me get over the baby fever void I had been feeling at that time. She became a part of my “little” family. My son was in heaven with having a younger sibling. He was the only offspring between his father and myself and although I had my older child (she was now 17), he was raised for the most as an only child.

We watched her every chance we could. Then it happened…my mind was so preoccupied with life stresses, I had forgotten her. Now, let me reiterate that although yes I did forget all about her, she was not in the back seat of a hot car. We had realized when we got to the driveway as we were about to open our car doors that she was still strapped in her car seat inside on the sofa. Thank goodness she was inside a cool home and she was safely in our possession all less than a minute and a half.

I say it again, it can happen to any parent.

About six months ago, I was driving my son to school. Mind you, he was now a teenager sitting in the front passenger seat. He was my daily routine. I literally drove passed his school and forgot to drop him off. And yes, although I realized it about a mile and half later if he would not have realized and said something I would have kept on driving to work. So, I say again, it can happen to any parent.

There is not one perfect parent. We all have some faults and degrees of faults. Instead of judging and crucifying parents, we should learn to show compassion. While I am sure some of these parents intentionally leave their children, I am almost certain a higher percentage of them are truly accidental. Let us show compassion, because they are now having to live with the guilt of an accident for the rest of their lives.





Shadow{s} are all around us…

The shadows of the attack of birds as seen on your grandmother’s sidewalk

The shadows of your excessively giant friends on the school courtyard

The shadows of the white picket fences against the newly paved street

The shadow of the rabbit ears in your fourth grade class…

courtesy of your grade school crush

The shadow of your grandfather’s cement work boots against the house 

The shadow of Sutro Tower against the San Francisco fog


Your shadow as seen from my driver’s side mirror… 

as you walked away from our future together

The one shadow I to this day wish I never would have seen







Bucket List—San Francisco

Last month, I surprised my kids with a road trip to California. It was the first time my son and I had been to the “west coast.” My daughter had been to LA before but never to San Francisco. So in mid June we packed up our Toyota Yaris {Jasper} and drove out west. It was quite a drive! It took us a little over seven hours to make it to the Texas-New Mexico border. For every desolate unsightly mile driven, we encountered miles of bewitching scenery.  The west Texas mountains seen as we drove through Van Horn, Texas. Those captivating mountains trailed along side us from West Texas right into California.

I actually saw my first tumbleweed! My naivety only thought they existed in western films. #kidding #notkidding #newmexico

New Mexico was beautiful. As we drove through “The City of the Crosses” we saw the Potrillo Mountains. It was unusually hard to realize the grand depth of them. They extend from the continental US to the Chihuahua state of Mexico. As statuesque as those mountains were, the remainder of the short drive through New Mexico was slightly dull.

Arizona was not much different. The occasional stretch of mountains, the dry air, and the humid heat was not as picturesque as I had hoped for. The most awesome thing about Arizona was they had an IKEA!!! #ikearocks #ikea4life

Our drive into California caught us (my son and I) off guard. We envisioned a predominately “coastal” state, we did not realize that mountains made their home in the southeastern part of the state. As Jasper cruised Interstate 10 through Indio, California we landed in Palm Springs. I can finally say I made it to Coachella. #oneday #fornowiwilldrivethrough

Back to Palm Springs…Maybe it was all those movies I watched growing up, but I always pictured Palm Springs to be glutted with Palm trees, beaches, and lots of sand. I. was. wrong. The city was home to copious amounts of energy windmills, mountains, and yes, palm trees.

While en-route to San Francisco we detoured for a few hours into Los Angeles. We drove through Chinatown, Echo Park, Miracle Mile, and Hollywood. We spent an hour walking the strip and stopped to see the Grauman’s Chinese Theater, Dolby Theater, and of course lots and lots of Hollywood Stars.

I will admit I was a bit emotional while walking along with the kids because as a mom I have always wanted to share moments like this with them.

After about two hours, we made our way to the grand finale…San Francisco. We encountered a minor hiccup upon our arrival. Seeing as we drove in via the Oakland Bridge nowhere in my research did I find that there was a #toll to enter the city. We had our first trip #fail because I never ever carry cash. Luckily, thanks to the kindness and generosity of an elder couple in their Blue early model Nissan Altima who covered our $5 toll, we drove across the Bay.

Memories were being created this summer and the priceless look on my children’s faces as they saw the Golden Gate Bridge impregnated my heart. We. fell. in. love. We walked around Chinatown and even ate lunch there. It was awesome timing because we were in town for the Haight Street Festival. It was fun and we had a blast. We became #publictransitexperts.

Plans for a return trip are in the works…


**Big shout-out to the staff at The Mission Inn. It was a great Motor Lodge on the outskirts of The Mission District. It was a great place for the value. The room was spacious and clean and was turned over daily. Public transportation is a block away #14 line and is a quick 20-25 minute ride to downtown.**





The Passing of Hearts–Chapter One

“Never say never” was a phrase that throughout the last two years entered my self-consciousness at the most oddest and random moments. That drive out to the lake now seems like a diminishing memory but it is one that I do not wish to let go of.

I met him in passing on a Monday afternoon while on my lunch break. We struck up conversation while we waited the arrival of our lunch orders. He complimented me on my smile, and I on his. “So, do you have a favorite dish to this place?” he asked. “I do, I really enjoy the Lamb Chop salad with goat cheese.” “In that case, maybe I should change my order because a girl like you seems like she knows what she likes.” I can honestly say I had never engaged in such playful banter with someone as much as I had that afternoon. There was something that kept me interested, there was something captivating and explosive about him. “What other items on the menu do you indulge in from time to time?” “Is it safe to assume that you like to dance?” he stated softly as he came closer to me. My body began to quiver and my palms welcomed this sudoric feeling, a feeling I had not felt in such a long time. “Everything from this Deli is palatable, it is a great place to try different cheeses.” “Did I hear correctly, did you state different cheeses?” in a facetious yet inquisitive demeanor. “Yes, the owners are really good friends of mine from my time living in Luxembourg City and they love experimenting with mixtures of texture, taste and color. I recommend the University of Michigan muenster cheese, it is a bleu cheese blend hence the name University of Michigan.” A disarray gaze appeared but his alluring smile made his gaze seem so worthwhile. Our conversation about the many types of cheeses that could be found there lasted for almost twenty minutes, twenty minutes which in translation seemed like a lifetime. He showed great interest in our conversation which was in itself a quality I was not accustomed to.

“Well, I really have enjoyed my afternoon giving you a one on one on world cheese, but I must retreat back to my office.” I told him. “Say, would it not be nice if we met here say on Thursday around Noon?” he politely asked. “I do not think that would be a great idea, seeing as I just recently ended a very turbulent relationship and speaking candidly I am just not ready to enter the dating scene.” I responded. “It does not have to be a date; everyone has to eat. See you Thursday”he said. I chuckled as I grabbed my takeout bag and walked around him to exit the Deli. It was a thirteen block walk back to the office and the entire time all I could think about was his smile. I was drawn to it. Honestly, I wanted so much more of it. I called my best friend, Catalena and exhausted the last breath I had within me telling her all about him. She laughed and said in her customary exclamatory voice she has “Girl, you have been bit.” I knew what Catalena had meant but I was not going to subject myself to what was her truth. I needed more time, I needed to be alone. I needed solitude. I needed to seek out what Christopher McCandless wanted as told in the story by Jon Krakauer in Into the Wild.